$18-$23/hr. W/Substantial Overtime Hours

An excellent career opportunity for an entry level position in the Oilfield industry. Begin to grow an exciting career in the energy industry while receiving a competitive wage with the potential of substantial overtime. Safety and Operations training will be provided in the classroom and in the field to help you be a part of an excellent team with a safety-oriented company.


  • The ability to work in a team for the betterment of the team.

  • The skill to perform essential functions in a fast paced and high stress environment.

  • The willingness to work up to 50 hours overtime per week during all weather conditions.

  • Able to stand for long periods of time and lift 100 lbs.

  • Be fluent in the english language, this includes reading and writing in English.

  • Must meet CMV qualifications, over the age of 21, and subject to drug/alcohol testing.



  • Working on Oilfield locations in Colorado & North Dakota (Housing Available)

  • Monitoring gauges and recording data via electronic and/or paper means.

  • Lift and connect hoses and hard-lines.

  • Monitor all safety systems and perform regular checks.

  • Safely drive pickups to and from locations.

  • Safely operate the controls on the Hot Oil and Frac Heating units.

  • Monitor environmental conditions.

  • Communicate clearly the operations and hazards.

  • Safely refuel, grease, clean, repair, and provide proper equipment maintenance.


Our operations run seven days a week 24 hours a day during the winter season. After an operator is trained and competent to be on a location alone, shifts will last 12 hours a day on both day and night shifts. Substantial over-time can be accumulated and will be calculated based upon the state worked in. Our hope is to attract individuals who wants to excel in this field, are willing to work long hours in all weather conditions and desire to be part of a safe hard-working team.


Holiday pay, Health Insurance, Employee Housing, Training with Certifications

Job Type: Full-time

Wage: $18 - $23/hour W/Substantial Overtime Options


  • NONE Required


  • Have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.


  • Greeley, CO

  • Williston, ND


  • United States (Required)



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